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Signed and Original Over 300 individual works of original, signed art available to buy.

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Pictures Tagged ‘lithograph’

Abstract portrait of two men


A striking abstract portrait of two men by an unknown artist. Lithographic
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Etching of a Man’s Head


Etching showing a man’s head. Housed within a black stained wooden frame
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Etching Depicting Man with Dogs and a Rat: 1971


Monochrome etching showing man with dogs and a rat. Framed within a
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Cow Lithograph 2007


Colour lithograph of a cow within a grid. Housed within a modern
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Danish Lithograph of Working Men


Monochrome, Danish lithograph of men. Framed in a dark wood stained square
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Lithograph Landscape Scene


Intensely coloured lithograph showing a landscape. Framed in a solid oak frame
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Oskar Kokoschka 1966


Signed Lithograph of a man holding a devil’s head. 69/70 Oskar Kokoschka
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Max Ernst Original Lithograph


Lithograph by Max Ernst (1891 – 1976) depicting underwater scene. Titled “XX
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20th Century Danish Print


‘Portal’ One of a series, signed ‘Eric Balle’, twentieth century, scandinavian abstract
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Signed and Original feels like an indoor market for original well priced antique art. I bought 6 works in one viewing and feel that I have paid fair prices for some very special art work that I know I couldn’t find anywhere else in London.
Ana Foster-Adams (Interior Designer)

“What an amazing find! Vintage artwork to die for and really affordable. Something for everyone”  Susannah Constantine (Television Presenter)